DreamPlay XC

Universal digital source excellence

The perfect combination of converter, player, digital preamplifier and streamer with a dual Elektra external power supply. With Kalista’s new universal digital source, your audio system will reach new heights.

A technological revolution

DreamPlay XC combines four devices in one (CD/SACD player, streamer, DAC and digital preamplifier). Kalista‘s aim is to meet your needs with a product that’s out of the ordinary, allowing you to enjoy uncompromising performance.
Electronic board components are soldered by hand, and the units are assembled in our workshop by metronome technicians.

The DreamPlay XC is equipped with an internal DAC to complement the Dreamplay X (which is a digital-only transport).

produit noir kalista

Available in 2 finishes


Black Pearl

Vue du dessus du lecteur DreamPlay X de la marque Kalista


DreamPlay X Custom



General :

Power consumption : 25 Watts
Standby power consumption: 20 Watts
Dimensions/ Weight : Drive 17kg 445x125x420mm / Elektra 22kg 160x440x430mm
Digital outputs : S/PDIF, AES/EBU, TOSLINK , I²S, USB
Analog outputs: RCA, XLR
D/A converter for all audio files


Size : 3 inches
Resolution : 432 x 432


Silent base
Meuble Tripode Classic
Can be customized (on request)

DreamPlay XC details

Our collection



MANTAX, combining design strength and cutting-edge technology. Your one-stop shop for all musical genres, evoking the deepest emotions.

DreamPlay X

DreamPlay X

DreamPlay X: a completely new device combining Kalista design and the high technology of a universal digital audio source, with CD, SACD and streaming functions. The XC version includes a DAC and digital pre-amp.

DreamPlay DAC

DreamPlay DAC

DreamPlay DAC was developed to provide the DreamPlay CD with a converter worthy of its rank. It is the perfect follow-up to this highly demanding turntable, offering total complementarity in both design and audiophile performance.