DreamPlay ONE

The DreamPlay ONE is Kalista’s first integrated player. As pure as ever, it’s the synthesis of DreamPlay CD and DreamPlay DAC for even simpler installation.

DreamPlay One appareil hifi haut de gamme de Kalista


The DreamPlay ONE by Kalista is the elegance of a top-of-the-range hifi device in its simplest form. With a finish as impeccable as ever and Kalista’s bewitching sound. With its integrated converter, the DreamPlay ONE differs from the DreamPlay CD only in its slightly greater chassis height. The use of noble materials and top-quality components remains at the heart of the French manufacturing of the DreamPlay collection.


Philips CD Pro 12 mechanism with proprietary enhancements
Digital outputs: AES EBU XLR connector
Analog outputs: balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA outputs
Elektra power supply 7 independent lines
Weight/dimensions of drive: 24 kg/450x135x460mm
Weight/dimensions of power supply: 15 kg/450x105x435mm


Silent base anti-vibration
Tripod Kalista Katri
Customization available on request
Entrée analogique du DreamPlay One de Kalista


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DreamPlay XC

DreamPlay XC

The perfect combination of converter, player, digital preamplifier and streamer with a dual Elektra external power supply. With Kalista’s new universal digital source, your audio system will reach new heights.



MANTAX, combining design strength and cutting-edge technology. Your one-stop shop for all musical genres, evoking the deepest emotions.

DreamPlay X

DreamPlay X

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