DreamPlay X combines four devices in one (CD/SACD player, streamer, DAC, and digital preamplifier), while perpetuating the excellent analog sound quality of Kalista. The brand’s designers and researchers have worked on this new project for several years to offer you a product in the purest sonic perfection, all with a smooth interface. Kalista.

Audio’s participation in the Highend Munich 2023 event was a resounding success. The brand showcased its latest flagship product, the Kalista DreamPlay XC CD player, which garnered great enthusiasm among audiophiles worldwide. This luxury CD player was acclaimed for its elegant design, superior construction, and outstanding sound performance due to advanced components. Kalista Audio also unveiled its high-end audio set, the Kalista DREAM SERIES, consisting of an amplifier, speakers, and a preamplifier, providing a consistent and immersive audio experience.

Event visitors were impressed by the live demonstrations, highlighting the exceptional sound quality and attention to detail in Kalista Audio’s products. The brand’s CEO, Jean-Marie Clauzel, expressed positive sentiments about the reception of their products and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio quality.

Kalista Audio’s participation in Highend Munich 2023 reinforced its reputation as a leader in luxury Hi-Fi equipment, and audiophiles are eagerly anticipating the availability of the new products presented at this remarkable event.

What made this event even more special for the Kalista Audio team was the opportunity to reconnect with loyal customers and valuable distributors. The shared passion for Hi-Fi sound strengthened the bonds between the brand and its community, creating an atmosphere of exchange and mutual understanding. Animated discussions about product performance and the musical experience were at the core of these reunions, reinforcing Kalista Audio’s commitment to its customers and distribution network.