DreamPlay X, the universal digital audio source

DreamPlay X is a fully new device associating Kalista design and high technology multiple functionalities: CD and SACD playing, streaming and a DAC option including a digital pre amp

Appareil hifi haut de gamme Kalista DreamPlay One

DreamPlay ONE, the integrated player by Kalista

DreamPlay ONE
 was the first integrated player under Kalista brand, easier to manage than a set of DreamPlay CD and DAC.

DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty, for love of analogue sound

Let’s celebrate Kalista‘s 20 years long passion for analogue with DreamPlay Twenty-Twenty.

DreamPlay CD, the King of CD Transports


For the most demanding audiophiles, the DreamPlay CD transport elevates musical hedonism to the pleasure of a unique piece of art. Put the disc on top, fit the CD puck, press Play and close your eyes: the music is live..

Lecteur CD Hifi haut de Gamme DreamPlay CD marque Kalista

DreamPlay DAC, a Prestigious Converter

DreamPlay DAC offers the best converter for the DreamPlay CD transport. It is the perfect fit for the demanding transport, both in design and audiophile performance. With the DreamPlay DAC, discover your CDs again, plus the latest generation of high resolution music.

Appareil Stream hifi haut de gamme DreamPlay Stream de Kalista

DreamPlay STREAM,
streaming elegance

DreamPlay STREAM 
is the only “designer” streamer on the market. Adding perfect functionality to its exceptional looks, it is made for the most demanding amateurs…

EA loudspeakers, the purest sound

30 years after the first bookshelf loudspeaker made by Métronome Technologie, Kalista created the EA, with the most exquisite design, a natural outcome of their wonderful acoustic capacities.


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